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Julianadorp and the coastal region

Julianadorp and the coastal region Vakantiehuis De Bunker

Julianadorp & the coastal region

The coast of North Holland is a beautiful holiday area. Holiday home “De Bunker” in Julianadorp is your starting point in the coastal region. The extensive sandy beaches and dunes are the main attraction of our region, but there is more to explore. The Wadden Sea, the Amstelmeer and the historical surroundings make your holiday in the north of North Holland very varied.

Julianadorp and surroundings

Julianadorp is situated between Callantsoog and Den Helder and was originally a simple village in the flat land behind the dunes, known for its beautiful bulb fields in spring. Julianadorp has a perfect location by the sea, the dunes are only a narrow strip here – so you can quickly get to the beach. Because of this location, Julianadorp has developed into a lively seaside resort that is popular with visitors from the Netherlands, but also from our neighbouring countries. In the vicinity of Julianadorp you will find several guarded beaches where you can safely swim in the cool sea water. All the beaches here are made of sand, so they are very comfortable. In winter, the beach is popular with walkers who want to relax in the fresh air. Dogs are welcome on the beach. The dune areas in the coastal region are varied. Near Julianadorp you will find a narrow strip of dunes overgrown with marram grass.

North of Julianadorp you can walk in the wooded Donkere Duinen, the extensive Grafelijkheidsduinen and the water-rich Mariëndal nature reserve. Huisduinen is a beautiful, quiet coastal village with a historic fortress. South of Julianadorp is the charming village of Callantsoog and the special nature reserve of Het Zwanenwater. A lot of history has been preserved in this area. Typical are the pyramid-shaped farmhouses and the many houses with red roofs and wooden facades. Schagen has a castle, a beautiful market square and a folklore market that takes place on Thursdays in summer. On the former island of Wieringen you can visit old villages and cycle over hills with views of the Wadden Sea and the Amstelmeer.

Den Helder, seaport behind the dike

Julianadorp is only a few kilometres from the naval town of Den Helder. Impressive forts, historic harbours and lovely canals make this city definitely worth a visit. During a visit to the Naval Museum, you can see the inside of a real submarine. Behind the high, solid dike lies the Marsdiep, where you can see the ferry to Texel, but also the ships of the fishing industry, the offshore industry and the navy.

Day trip to Texel

Texel is and always will be a tourist magnet. A day trip to Texel is therefore a popular activity among guests of holiday home “De Bunker”. Just like Julianadorp and its surroundings, Texel offers diverse dune areas. The hilly landscape between Oudeschild and Den Burg is somewhat
reminiscent of Wieringen. What is special about Texel is that the landscapes have remained very authentic. The island’s cosy villages often still breathe the atmosphere of the past. The ferry completes the experience.

Discover the coast of North Holland!

The coastal region of North Holland is perhaps best explored from Julianadorp: Everything is close by. You can always contact us with questions and we will be happy to give you tips to make your holiday complete. Let yourself be surprised by our coastal region full of beauty, and who knows, maybe we will soon welcome you for a second or third time at holiday home “De Bunker”… The North Holland coast is definitely worth it.