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Dogs allowed

Dogs allowed

Dogs are welcome in our holiday home. That’s good to know, as not all accommodations are suited for dogs – but ours is. So no doubt: dogs are allowed! With us, your dog can enjoy the freedom, the nature and the proximity to the beach…

Dogs & holiday home “De Bunker”

We love animals, all kinds of animals are scurrying around our bunker and even on the thick roof of it. Goats, chickens, dogs, cats: We just love having animals around. It goes without saying that we have equipped our holiday home in a pet-friendly way. The holiday home has a fenced garden, so your dogs can go outside undisturbed.

The surroundings of our holiday home are very attractive for those who want to spend their holiday with their dogs. A walk near our house is especially recommended in spring, when the bulbs are in bloom — but the landscape’s vastness and quietness are of course attractive all year round. It certainly comes as no surprise that there are a few other bunkers near our house, world history can be found just around the corner.

On the horizon you can always see the dunes, where it is so wonderful to walk. The dunes of Julianadorp and Den Helder are very varied. Near Julianadorp aan Zee you will find a narrow strip of dunes that offers a beautiful view over the polder and the sea. A little further north are the “Donkere Duinen”, a beautiful wooded area. The Grafelijkheidsduinen are a wide dune area with several valleys and, as we would like to point out, several old bunkers. And then there is the high sea dike from Huisduinen to Den Helder, with the splendid view towards Texel Island. Enough beautiful things to discover with your dog!

Dogs allowed on the beach

The beach is a magical place for dogs. Dogs want to run here at full speed. Running off-leash is possible early in the morning before 9 am and in the afternoon after 7 pm, and outside the season it is allowed all day. So if you book between October and May, you can really treat your dogs to a varied beach holiday. But dogs can also have fun in the mornings and evenings during the summer. And because the beach at Julianadorp is very spacious, there is always plenty of room.

Fleeing the fireworks?

Is your dog afraid of fireworks and is that why you fear New Year’s Eve? Fireworks are not allowed on our terrain. We live in the countryside, so you don’t have to expect big fireworks in the surroundings either. It’s really quiet in the bunker. So we are happy to welcome you if you want to escape the fireworks!

Book your dog friendly holiday online

On our website you can easily check if our holiday home is available. Book your holiday online, it’s easy! We will give you and your dogs a warm welcome in Julianadorp.