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Vakantiehuis De Bunker

Holiday home “De Bunker”

Looking for an escape from everyday life? Retreat to a bunker! As concrete a holiday can be… Comfortable, historic and full of character. Holiday home “De Bunker” is something special, that’s for sure. “De Bunker” is a holiday home for six people, spacious and luxurious, but still truly historic…

“De Bunker” is a real bunker

“De Bunker” is not a nickname, this holiday home is a real bunker, built during the Second World War. Bunkers were built along the European coast by the occupying forces, as the Germans feared an invasion over sea. These bunkers were part of the famous Atlantikwall. Our bunker is situated a bit more inland, on the outskirts of Julianadorp, near a canal and the railway line. This bunker was built in 1942 as part of an additional defensive wall south of Den Helder, so that it would also be able to withstand an attack over land.

In addition to the bunkers, a tank ditch and other barriers were built near Julianadorp. After the war, many bunkers fell into disrepair. Nevertheless, they are often still clearly visible in Den Helder and Julianadorp. You will find some in the immediate vicinity of holiday home “De Bunker”. There are numerous bunkers in the dunes that you can visit. Our bunker was used as a storage room for a long time, but has recently been completely restored and converted into a holiday home for six people. Holiday home “De Bunker” is now open to anyone who wants to spend their holiday with us. We welcome you!

A holiday in a bunker, what’s that like?

You can clearly see that our holiday home is a real bunker. The original walls are preserved and recognisable, we treat history with respect. But our holiday home is modern and comfortable as well. The living room with open kitchen is wonderfully bright. The bedrooms are dark, there are no windows, a sophisticated air-conditioning system provides the necessary comfort – so you don’t have to close the curtains. The cooling system is audible in the background. Even in the dark, you have the feeling of being in a real bunker.

The bunker in brief

  • Holiday flat for six people.
  • Living room with open view to the west (sunset!).
  • Three bedrooms.
  • Bathroom with separate toilet.
  • Perfect for families
  • Dogs allowed (maximum 4)

Around “De Bunker”

A holiday in holiday home De Bunker is also a holiday in Julianadorp. Long days at the beach; walks in the dunes, through the woods and along the various nature reserves; the vast landscape and the cooling breeze from the sea. On the terrain belonging to holiday home “De Bunker” you find play and sports facilities. You can relax in a luxurious sauna. The holiday home has a fenced garden and our terrain is full of animals of all kinds. The chickens lay the eggs you eat for breakfast…. Your pet is welcome in our house, dogs are allowed in holiday home “De Bunker”.

Book holiday home “De Bunker”

Be prepared for a holiday in holiday home “De Bunker”! The sea is beautiful all year round… Check our website to see when our holiday home is available and book your holiday directly with us. On the day of arrival you will find a little surprise in “De Bunker”. See you in Julianadorp!